JC Scapes Ltd - Driveways

A new driveway can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of any house. Whether it be constructed using block paving, stone, shingle or slate it will transform your home and make you the envy of your neighbours. Although the materials suggested above are some of the most popular choices there are other more unusual options available that we can discuss with you and incorporate into any design.


JC Scapes Ltd - Paving

Paving an area of your garden is seen by many as creating an extra living space outside of your home. Our clients can be as individual as they wish with the assistance of our design team when choosing the type of stone and finish they want us to create. Different shapes, colours, styles and types of materials can be used to create a truly one off piece.


JC Scapes Ltd - Decking

Constructing a timber deck in an area of your garden can instantly add a new dimension and depth to your outdoor space. Why not install a raised deck which incorporate steps into the design or a deck that is constructed around a water feature? The possibilities are endless.

Brick and Stone Work

JC Scapes Ltd - Brick and Stone Work

Whether it be a boundary wall or stone work to your garden then JC Scapes can help. Improving or adding stone/brickwork to your outside space will give your garden an instant boost and provide a dramatic effect which will add both colour and texture to a space. Our client’s have used a range of different brick and stone types as well as different shaped lines such as curved, straight and angular.

Retaining Walls

JC Scapes Ltd - Retaining Walls

A great idea which can be incorporated into large design builds or used in smaller gardens as well as gardens where there are level changes to soften the gradient or make a feature of the available space.

Water Features

JC Scapes Ltd - Water Features

Creates an instant and lasting focal point for your garden. Whether the feature is traditional or contemporary, constructed from metal or stone or large in size or smaller, the sky really is the limit. Highly decorative and great at encouraging wildlife to flourish.

Timber Structures

JC Scapes Ltd - Timber Structures

Having an employee who is trained with the Institute of Carpenters and built up considerable experience over the years, JC Scapes are the perfect choice to assist with any project of this nature. Timber can add an extra material to your garden as well as creating height (in the case of a pergola) or storage space through summer houses, sheds or bin stores.

Garden Lighting

JC Scapes Ltd - Garden Lighting

Quite often lighting is essential to assist safety in your garden but incorporating it can also add a contemporary edge to your space and illuminate an area that you want to make a feature. We have access to trained electricians who we work with closely throughout any project.


JC Scapes Ltd - Turfing

Creates a great finish to any garden. You can be assured that JC Scapes only uses good quality turf from a local supplier to ensure the finishing touches in your garden live up to your expectations.


JC Scapes Ltd - Planting

An area that JC Scapes are particularly passionate about. The right planting can make such a difference to the overall look of your garden. Colour, season, height, durability, texture and the visual impact all have to be considered when choosing plants but when used correctly the finish should compliment its surroundings perfectly and will bring your garden to life.


JC Scapes Ltd - Mulching

Not only does mulching your garden once annually bring life to your plants and make a space look more visually attractive but in an age of hosepipe bans it can actually help reduce the need to water plants if used correctly

Maintenance of garden areas

JC Scapes Ltd - Garden Maintenance

Maintaining gardens currently makes up approximately 50% of JC Scapes work schedule and is therefore something that as a company we take very seriously. We have a large number of permanent contracts with our client’s range from domestic properties, both large and small to blocks of flats. We can offer you regular visits to weed your garden and maintain borders, mow your lawn, prune foliage, hedge cutting, removing leaves (as well as other seasonal specific tasks) and much more besides. Each customer has individual specifications and therefore our visits are tailored according to your needs.